Streaming services, tools and guides for everyone!

We provide free and affordable streaming tools and hosting for bands, artists, community radio stations and DJs.

Our customers include churches, hospitals, schools and independent artists and record labels from around the world.

With our fast, reliable servers, you don't need to worry about your stream buffering when you get too many listeners for your connection to handle - we take care of the bandwidth requirements for you.

Our Streaming Plans


Webcaster Basic

Webcaster Plus

24/7 Availability

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Mobile Device Support

Ad-free Streaming *

Use Any Player

Public Server

Customer Support

More Bandwidth

200 listeners
128k max. bitrate

200 listeners
192k max. bitrate**



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What do I get?

Stream server - SHOUTcast or Icecast

We provide you with a Shoutcast or Icecast server and the tools needed to get you ready to stream your first radio show.

If you don't have any "Internet streaming" experience, then don't worry - it's easy and FREE! You can be streaming within 10 minutes after installing the free streaming software and following our Get Started guide.

Our custom built control panel gives you full conrol over your server and web player.

Web player

Install our customizable web player on your website with just one line of code. Listeners will never need to leave your website to listen to your webcast.

Advice and support

We offer free advice and support to customers. Whether you need advice on improving the quality of your broadcast or help with getting listed on public radio directories, we are here.

Products and Deals

We may receive a commission when you purchase any of the products above

* We may add advertising to Webcaster Free players, this may be in the form of a banner or audio ad.

** SHOUTcast directory listing is limited to 128k, in order to get listed on the YP at a higher bitrate, extra costs are payable directly to Shoutcast. Our Icecast service is configured to add you to several directories (optional) with no need to registration at no extra charge.

*** From $4.83 per month, based on annual payment plan. Monthly payment plan also available at $5.79 USD